My Trip to Washington

Fun times in DC this weekend. I had never been to the Chinatown area before. I thought it was pretty cool. Every business, no matter how unabashedly American (or Mexican) had its name in Chinese characters as well as their usual signage. The only storefront without Chinese characters was Radio Shack, which I found ironic, if you consider the source of 95% of their product lines.

The other thing I love about DC is the license plates, which to my knowledge are the only cranky license plates in the union. Most state license plates have pleasant sayings such as:

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

DC however chooses to lament its non-state status:

Image hosted by

So I did a little research, because the situation has deteriorated is a scholarly blog, and I found out that “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION” was actually only one of many cranky license plates suggested. Here are some of the runners-up:

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Yes, that last plate is right; I am beginning to think that frozen sausage pizza is unavailable throughout the eastern seaboard, and it is getting on my last nerves. And they say we won the cold war.


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