I’m not going to lie to you…

…I’ve kinda got the hots for the Esurance chick. I believe her name is Erin Esurance, which is not a great name, but when she marries me, it’ll get worse, even if she hyphenates.

If you don’t know this particular dish, here she is:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Perhaps you feel the need to mock me for being enamored with a fictional, non-human graphic rendering. Say your worst (“YOUR WORST!”) but I refuse to be ashamed. This has been going on since I saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit? when I was 9 and I had trouble breathing when Jessica Rabbit made her first (or any) appearance. I will also admit to jonesing after the Little Mermaid back in the day, and you’d be surprised what’s out there on the internet involving Snow White in compromising situations with her dwarvish friends.


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