hello again

This is my third blog.

The first one started at some point in college or law school on xanga. I took it down when I realized I wasn’t a prepubescent Filipina. For some reason I migrated a chunk of it to livejournal. That lasted for a while until I realized I wasn’t cutting myself or wearing *nearly* enough black. OK, these may be broad generalizations, but neither of those seemed to fit my personality — that of a smug yuppie who tries to pass off entitled rants as humor.

So that’s why I’m on wordpress.

I like to think that the reason I stopped blogging was that I just don’t have time on my hands like I did in law school. And I guess that’s part of it. Most of it though is the fact that I’ve been having trouble finding my voice. Not my real voice. Here it is. “La la la” it just said. I just really don’t know how to make a cohesive blog anymore. There’s my work life and my personal life, and I do what I can to keep them separate. Do I try to keep the blog anonymous? Do I grow up and stop talking about gross things? Do I try to make my blog less about my complaints about everything and everyone around me? Do I talk about my relationships? I guess I don’t know the answers to these questions. I’ll just find out as I go.


2 Responses to “hello again”

  1. Damsel in Digress Says:

    Consider today a rare day – I’m about to say something complimentary about your ass. (Note: Not actual ass.)

    I am happy that you are finally resuming your blogging ways. I laughed at least three separate times reading this. Granted, once was out of spite after you called yourself a smug yuppie, but the other two times was due to genuine attempts to be funny.

    (And that you’re a smug yuppie today but used to be an actual Filipina who went through a very painful trans(gender)formation and you weren’t just “speaking figuratively”? That can be our secret.)

  2. margretta Says:

    I appreciate your statement about generalizations, as I do not wear large amounts of black nor cut myself. My roommate’s dad was considering using Livejournal as a blogging site until she told him that it was full of girls obsessing about Aragorn. That I am afraid I am guilty of.

    Anyway good to see you posting again, so I will attempt to encourage you to do so with comments when I can drag myself away from my emo fangirl domain.

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