I am still getting used to wordpress. Porting stuff over from livejournal was only hard because livejournal made it hard. So far I’m pretty pleased with what wordpress has to offer. There was some frustration initially when I was trying to make a LIST of tags instead of a CLOUD of tags. Then I realized that categories were the same thing as tags but a little better.

A funny artifact of categories is that they are apparently numbered wordpress-wide: categories.jpg

Kind of fun to see how original you are. Most of mine are apparently my original creations – those in the 4,800,000 zone. Music, not surprisingly, was the 18th category ever categorized on wordpress. To me the big surprise is food at 586. I can’t think of 585 things I would blog about before I blogged about food. Basically the only things that have a prayer of beating out food are sex, video games, and maybe the Muppets. I suppose you could break down sex into individual topics. I’m sort of curious as to what number “rusty trombone” is.

UPDATE: It’s 1047659.


2 Responses to “wordpressive”

  1. kate Says:

    i hate these goddamn fucking rollovers.


  2. Damsel in Digress Says:


    i’m going to steal this word and totally not link back to you.

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