notes from the underground

It was my intention to bring you the notes from my harassment training, because it is one of the few times that my doodles would be ethically available for public display. Generally, they adorn notes that constitute attorney work-product, which, for those of you who are not lawyers, means basically that they are privileged.

But harassment training is not privileged, and so I thought I would publish my notes for the world to see.

Things didn’t work out so well. I was late to begin with, and went up to the wrong floor, which should have been a sign. When I walked in I knew something was off, and a few minutes later, it was confirmed. As promised, my notes, in their entirety, for the meeting:


I awkwardly excused myself from my table of four as we did our first “group activity,” thanking them for the opportunity to “live the dream” for a few minutes. I returned to my office where my secretary was working on my computer. She goes right into an explanation of how the technical issue I asked her to look at has been resolved. I am happy to hear this but I am also curious so I ask:

“Are you wondering why I am back so soon?”

This won’t help most of you, but if you have ever seen Galaxy Quest, my secretary kind of talks like Tony Shaloub’s character in that movie. Except female. So her response was: “Because it was a share partner meeting?”

“That’s right.”

She had figured that I had gotten squeezed in, or that it didn’t matter, or there was a scheduling change, or something. “Don’t ever assume that I know what I’m doing,” I warned her. And now I am back at work.


One Response to “notes from the underground”

  1. Shan Says:

    I like to imagine that as you exited the room, a dozen middle-aged men hollered, “nice ass,” etc.

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