i’ve been reading the newspapers

Cougar Spotted In North Chicago

Residents are asked to call 911 if they spot the cougar.

I am doing my part, Neighborhood Watch style.


That’s my finger and some venetian blinds, if you are curious.


One Response to “i’ve been reading the newspapers”

  1. Kayleigh Says:

    Ummm a few things:

    When I first saw the title of that article and the picture, I first thought you were referring to cougars, as in the human female variety, and reiterating that Tavern is indeed a great place to find such a specimen.

    Then I was also particularly jostled because I live one street over from where that picture was taken, so I then thought the cougar was loose in my (apparently our) neighborhood.

    Whoa. I will be keeping my eye out for that elusive feline.

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