in your face, city council

The City Council overturned the ban on foie gras with a bit of good old-fashioned Daley strong-arming. I may be a lawyer, but I was a Chicagoan first, and it is hard not to enjoy Daley’s dictatorial tactics when they are aimed at ends that you also happen to support. Does this make me a bad citizen? Almost certainly. But the foie gras ban was really just abysmally stupid.

Anyway the point of this post is to plug the anti-foie-gras-ban post I wrote when the ban was first passed, which you can read here. I have no doubt this post was the reason the ban was overturned. Hopefully the city council can now tackle the stupid-looking-people issue.

P.S. The ban was not particularly difficult to sidestep for enterprising restaurateurs in the first place. Last fall when I was at Bin 36, they offered foie gras which they did not SELL but provided – free! – when you ordered this little salad that consisted of like a mushroom and a grape. That aside, I noticed that foie gras was already back on the menu, without any legal fiction, at Naha on Saturday.

I had the ribeye.


3 Responses to “in your face, city council”

  1. kilax Says:

    This was a strange step by Chicago in the first place… I wasn’t around them, so I am not sure what brought it about.

    Honestly, I didn’t know what foie gras was, but it does seem very inhumane. Yeah, we’re going to kill all the animals we want anyway, but why do we have to make them uncomfortable while they wait to die?

  2. d Says:

    i frequented X/O up in boystown for a few weeks after the ban, where those screw-politics entrepreneurs just left foie gras on their menu until the city came and asked them to take it off. or to close their restaurant. i’m not sure in which order that happened because i went there one day and it was closed.

  3. Damsel in Digress Says:

    you’re name dropping like whoa here, aren’t you, mr bin 36 and naha and next you’ll just start dropping your statements about how you hate blackbird because it’s just so pretentious but really, you’ll only be doing it so you can mention you’ve been to blackbird.

    on a different note. or rather, a more relevant note. i’ve been to places – like copperblue – since the ban took place but before the ban of the ban took place, that offered fois gras but called it different things, like “if it AIN’T fois gras” or something else similarly odd.

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