sunday night haiku

I have work to do
that’s due tomorrow morning;
I’m playing Rock Band.


5 Responses to “sunday night haiku”

  1. Kayleigh Says:

    I’ve always wanted to play Rock Band.

  2. Big Time Fancy Says:

    Oh man. I wish I had Rock Band. Or Guitar Hero. Either or, really.

  3. Pete Says:

    Rock Band >>> Guitar Hero, although now Guitar Hero will be introducing drums and microphone also. RB is just a lot more social and fun for a group.

    And it’s a lot more satisfying – and cheaper – to break drumsticks over your knee in disgust than it is to smash your toy guitar, Townshend-style, when you fail a song over and over.

    Clearly 20sb needs to substitute RB party for the cupcake crawl. I don’t even know what that is, really.

  4. Big Time Fancy Says:

    Cupcakes are awesome. I think it should work more like this:
    1) little groups go to cupcake places and pick out bizarre flavors
    2) another group purchases a LOT of booze
    3) all groups reconvene for rock band + booze + cupcakes

    perfection, right there.

  5. Pete Says:

    This sounds about right. Problem is group 1 probably is better-organized and has a planning subcommittee. Group 2 is already too drunk or hungover to plan anything coherent.

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