sammich in love

Some people miss lost loves; some people miss dead pets. I miss sandwiches.

A lot of things happened in Vegas over the weekend, but the thing I keep thinking about the most is the caesar salad sandwich I had at the food court at Caesar’s (of course) Palace. The bun alone was worth the trip. I lament the lack of a similar bun option at my current lunch locations. I don’t even know what the heck you CALL that kind of bun so I could look for it.

Thinking about that sandwich  made me think about another sandwich I used to get in St. Louis – and this one, I’ll never have again because apparently the place is closed. I can’t even remember the name of the place. Maybe it had an X in it? or a Z? Anyway they had this delicious garlicy-cheesy-beefy monster of a sandwich and it was delicious.

RIP, good sandwich.

Meanwhile I’m stuck with either shitty Jimmy John’s, even shittier and overpriced Sopraffina, and the crappy cafe in the lobby. Life is so unfair.


13 Responses to “sammich in love”

  1. freeandflawed Says:

    This reminds me of Joey from Friends and his love for sandwiches.

  2. Mom in real life Says:

    The perfect sandwich is hard to find.

    I’ll poor a 40 out on the street to remember the fallen….

  3. Dan Mega Says:

    Oh boo hoo.

  4. ANG* Says:

    that food court thingy in caesar’s is THE SHIT. i normally go the salad route and share a burger. ahhhhhhh (<– this is me day dreaming about those burgers…)

  5. d Says:

    this whole posts reads like a brilliant metaphor.

  6. Maxie Says:

    I miss sandwiches from the restaurant I used to work out. They were amazing.

    I how you had an amazing time in Vegas and you got to debut your shiny-cuffed shirt for everyone to see. haha

  7. Big Time Fancy Says:

    When I lived in suburbia, there was a bar I’d frequent that had bbq pulled pork on pretzel bread, and it was pretty much the best thing ever and now that bar is closed. Boo-urns.

    Have you tried Hannah’s Bretzel?

  8. Angela Says:

    I had a great sandwich about a week ago (and good sandwiches are hard to come by for me now that I’m a vegetarian). Mmm… Might have to go back to that place.

  9. Kayleigh Says:

    D’s comment just made me crack up. Now that’s pretty brilliant. I can commiserate with you, because I too had a spectacular sammie whilst extremely intoxicated last summer at 3 am in the Mirage.

    I’m still insanely jealous that you were just in Vegas.

  10. K Says:

    Sammiches are well and good…but nothing makes you want to strip naked and run through a rainstorm of condiments praising Beefus, the god of sammiches than this:

  11. Bubs Says:

    The turkey dinner at the Caesar’s food court was pretty redonk, too.

  12. Marcia Says:

    where was the STL sammich place? I lived there for two excruciatingly long years after you left, I bet I could figure it out…

  13. Pete Says:

    It was next to Crazy Bowl on that street west of campus that was residential and then hit some shops, towards like Clayton. Right around where they were doing the overpass work at the end of 1L year.

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