bridge to nowhere

In case you don’t know, Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Mesopotamia) is the man behind the famous “Series of Tubes” speech about the Internets (although he did not create the term Internets, as Bush did, or the Internet itself, as Gore did).

Refresh your memory:


Ted is getting indicted today.

I like to think of him in prison, using the same lines he uses in his speech, with new meaning.

“It’s not something you just dump something on… It’s a series of tubes…If you don’t understand those tubes can be filled – it’s going to be delayed by anyone who puts into that tube enormous amounts of material.”

I’m not mature.

(By tubes I meant his colon)


2 Responses to “bridge to nowhere”

  1. Dan Mega Says:

    He’s been ripping off taxpayers for quite some time. I hope he enjoys Bubba’s company.

  2. Mom in real life Says:

    Picturing him getting ass raped made me smile

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