somewhere, a placenta is falling to the floor

There was kind of a storm Monday night. Even if you didn’t see it, you can’t miss the facebook messages about it. I can only imagine what twitter was like. Anyway. I actually got spooked enough to leave my office when the window started vibrating back and forth and went down to the lobby – only to find that everybody in the building had pussed out a lot earlier than I had and were already down there.

Eventually I went home and managed to grab the photo above (and 86 far less interesting ones). It was shot through my window which was covered in rain. I’ve photoshopped a lot of the spots caused by rain out, but there is a long way to go to make this look really right. When I finish it, I’ll post the refined product.

Here’s a crop of the same picture:

If you’re curious, I shot in RAW, 3.2 sec, f/16, ISO 200, tripod and remote shutter release. Lens was the Sony 50mm f/1.4.


15 Responses to “somewhere, a placenta is falling to the floor”

  1. allthewine Says:


  2. deutlich Says:

    man, those pictures are INSANE. i LOVE them

  3. freeandflawed Says:

    Those pictures are fantastic!

  4. When the sky turns red, do not go outside « You are flawed if you are not free Says:

    […] recommend checking out Pete’s pictures of the storm, as well as Kayleigh’s experience with the […]

  5. ANG* Says:

    amazing capture. i was terrified by those storms last night. cant wait to see what you can do with those mad photoshop skillz.

  6. Maxie Says:

    um SCARY. very scary

  7. Sandy Says:

    Crazy pictures! The storms were insane last night.

  8. Me Says:

    Those are amazing

  9. Big Time Fancy Says:

    Helluva storm, no?

    PS: That picture is now my background at work. Ohhhh.
    PS#2: Helluva Live song as well. Like a rolling thunder chasing the wind….

  10. Kayleigh Says:

    Um, wow. Amazing!

  11. Jessica Says:

    Wow your pictures are amazing. I literally cannot believe I missed this! That’s insane. I’m glad everyone is okay.

  12. Bianca Says:

    That picture is amazing! People told me that it was nuts, but I think that photo really captures it

  13. Angela Says:

    Seriously sweet.

  14. Kim Says:

    Great pic

  15. Johnb686 Says:

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