error and water show

I took my camera to work today because I expected the Blue Angels to practice in advance of this weekend’s air and water show in Chicago. I had a better camera, quality lens, clear weather, and this was my last chance to take these pictures before my firm moves offices next year.

So of course, I somehow set my camera to take “small” pictures, thus losing a huge chunk of the detail that my equipment afforded me, and would have been better off with the stuff I had last year if it was set to “large.” It’s enough to make a grown man cry, but that’s only fun when there’s somebody around to pity me. Accordingly, I will sack it up and make the best of what I took. I may post more on flickr when I have time this weekend.


6 Responses to “error and water show”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Holy crap. Those pictures are amazing. I was horribly distracted in my meetings today by watching the planes fly by. It also tampered lunch conversation outside.

  2. Maxie Says:

    sucks about the camera but the pictures still look awesome.

  3. Angela Says:

    Nice photos regardless.

  4. Dan Mega Says:

    I am a fan of these pics.

  5. Big Time Fancy Says:

    So. Effing. Sweet.

  6. Kayleigh Says:

    I am obsessed with these pictures. I watched the show from my roof on Friday and the Blue Angels flew directly over my head. Since my camera was broken, I basically cried. These pictures have re-instated my happiness, so thanks,

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