Here is my other fantasy team, from the 14-team, 18-round draft with no time limit between turns. Yes you had to carry two kickers and two Ds.

At some point I will write about why the choice of Sarah Palin, who will ride the John McCain trojan horse to the presidency, is making me feel sick to my stomach, but for now, I will just complain about this. I was getting sniped all night. My receiving corps is older than John McCain.


4 Responses to “fuck”

  1. Big Time Fancy Says:

    On the plus side, you have my amazing NFL BF Robbie Gould on your fantasy roster. Things could be worse?

  2. Jessica Says:

    Yeah I’m awful at fantasy football but I like the f-bomb in the subject line. Solid.

  3. Dan Mega Says:

    I gave up on fantasy a few years back.

    McCain certainly does look like he can take this, doesn’t he?

  4. d Says:

    i wouldn’t be entirely upset with that draft, depending on the point system. other than the ATL starters (who may turn out to be nice pickups) i really like your starters. the young guys are yet to be seen, but all in all you’ve got some potential sleepers there.

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