thank you carlos quentin

for breaking your wrist in a fit of rage not unlike the one that resulted in my broken hand. Now instead of people telling me “you’re an idiot” they say “you’re like Carlos Quentin” which at least makes me feel not alone, and if I have to be in a White Sock’s company, so be it. The other good news is that the cast will likely come off in three weeks, 4 days before my high school reunion. I don’t particularly want to go to the reunion. I could have stayed in touch with these people if I wanted to and Facebook gives me all the “what are you up to these days” information anyway. But it is two el stops away from my apartment so I feel like I should go. Still – $90 to drink at Rock Bottom? My shitty fraternity had a formal there for half that.

In other news I bought ski boots.

That is all.


3 Responses to “thank you carlos quentin”

  1. margretta Says:

    You know I had finally decided I was going to go to the reunion, and attempt to drink $90 worth of beer, but new job, so no go.

  2. Angela Says:

    Haha. Dude, I used to work right across the street from Rock Bottom. I’ve only been there twice for lunch, because the service took effing forever. Ah well.

    Good luck with the reunion. May all the people who were jerks to you in high school be fat and live in their parents’ basements.

  3. Dan Mega Says:

    Carlos Quentin breaking his wrist has sucked for the team’s offense.

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