fashion beat

two observations from the last week.

1. Ladies. A week ago, I did not know that galoshes were back in, as a fad. After spending a weekend on a very rainy college campus I am now painfully familiar with pink galoshes and green ones and polka dotted ones. I am completely fed up with this trend already. Please do not wear them; it makes you look twelve, and not in the good way. (Dear the FBI: J/K!) And please do not refer to them as wellies. If you don’t have a cute English accent, please don’t use cute English slang. They are fucking galoshes, or as my friend Scott said after 12 too many beers, goulashes.

2. Closely related but totally opposite: Non-rubber boots with tha fur tight jeans or tight pants of any kind or tights period or tights with a skirt or with a skirt period: this is fucking outstanding. MOAR. KTHXBAI.


6 Responses to “fashion beat”

  1. Angela Says:

    1. I don’t own galoshes. It just seems like a pain to have to change shoes in the middle of the day because of weather. But then, this is coming from a girl who spent multiple winters in Michigan wearing fabric Keds because she thought snow boots were ugly.

    2. Yeah, I know how to rock this one. Haven’t done it yet in Florida, actually. Sandals, flip-flops, Keds, and my movement-class-sneakers have been the only shoes to see the light of day. But, rest assured, I have at least two pair of black boots with me. And one set is knee-height, and they scream for a short skirt and a night at a bar.

  2. ANG* Says:

    you said “with tha fur” – ha!

  3. Scott Says:

    Boots are good! in the defense of the goulash wearers: It rained more than 3 feet on Saturday. I doubt we would see this trend on a sunny day. ?

  4. Kayleigh Says:

    I don’t own wellies, or goulashes, or whatever the hell they are.

    and as for #2: YES. Classy and sassy.

    And can we discuss the wearing of UGG boots in public? I hope that doesn’t start up again soon….

  5. Jessica Says:

    I wear Coach wellies that do not look like I’m 16. I will ask you to amend part of that statement because I look awesome in them. Thank you 🙂

  6. Kate Says:

    Wellies are just as horrendus as Crocs. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees people wearing galoshes and wonders what is wrong with the world today.

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