yes, i miss this

Keep in mind that the reunion committee turned the process over to, which is the only party that has ever actually been in touch with me regarding the reunion. So your three hours of open bar at Rock Bottom cost $90. I don’t give a shit but I know that at least a few people can’t afford that. As far as I know, the only actual input from the reunion committee – which as far as I can tell is three people — was to move the reunion weekend to the week before homecoming because one of the three was getting married that weekend. As far as I know, all other reunions at my high school for years and years have been held on homecoming weekend. As though to validate my point, the facebook conversation above continued with two girls chiming in that the event as planned was nowhere near compelling enough to attend.


4 Responses to “yes, i miss this”

  1. The Maiden Metallurgist Says:

    Rick Bottom is kind of a cop-out. And for $90, you’d think they coiuld do better.

  2. Jessica Says:

    $90 for that? Shit give me a dive bar or the BS Chinese-American sports bar that I had mine in to keep it cheap. Reunions are like putting lipstick on a big, in the end, it is what it is.

  3. Dan Mega Says:

    What a prickish thing to do. Move it because one person couldn’t go? C’mon now.

  4. Bubs Says:

    My 10 year reunion is on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend at a bar at 10pm. No admisison – cash bar. That’s it.

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