more on the rally

the blog title has temporarily been changed from the situation has deteriorated. this isn’t really a political blog, and the old title (which will return) really speaks more to the personal shitshow of my life, but I thought this change was temporarily appropriate.

the rally itself was a pretty lame affair. After McCain conceded, there was another sound check announced as “FINAL SOUND TEST FOR THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES” except first there was a prayer read by some preacher, the pledge of allegiance led by some Marine (in case you are curious, I tripped up and said “under God,” see this post for more) and a somewhat misguided national anthem sang by some chick. (And I quote: “Whose bright stripes and bright stars, through the perilous time…”). That was the only human activity on stage before or after Obama’s speech.

That’s not to say I had a bad time. It was an incredible event, and for the size and the short notice, it was probably handled about as well as they could have done. I was home by one, but not before buying the Chicago Tribune as it came off the truck on Michigan Ave. I walked home carrying the paper in front of me the way I used to carry the bible as an altar boy.

No, not with a dick in my mouth.

Just you know. Holding it up in front of me.

I’m working on the pictures. I wish i was closer. For the time being, small versions are available on Flickr over to the right.


6 Responses to “more on the rally”

  1. The Maiden Metallurgist Says:

    I watched from home. You couldn’t have paid me to head down there last night.

  2. deutlich Says:

    I love the picture used in your temporary banner

  3. obamanic Says:

    This just in: Change has spread far and wide. From the presidency to blog banners around the world.

  4. Angela Says:

    That national anthem was cringe-worthy. But it was the only glitch in an otherwise well-run event. How on earth did you get close enough to get those pictures?

  5. assclown Says:

    He got close enough by drawing on his experience as an altar boy . . . and by finding the right people to share that experience with.

  6. Angela Says:


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