god damn it

I wrote this once for my old complaint blog, and I repost it verbatim after my return to Corner Bakery for the first time in months.

The people at Corner Bakery frequently forget to put croutons in my caesar salad. There are three fucking ingredients in caesar salad. Leaves, dressing, and croutons (maybe some cheese). How brain-dead are you to say, here is a complete caesar salad, even though it is just a pile of damp leaves without croutons.

Corner Bakery today joins Chili’s on my DEAD TO ME list of dining establishments.


2 Responses to “god damn it”

  1. wrylab Says:

    i went to The Corner Bakery recently. i placed my order. they gave me a small plastic number to post on my table, a numeric code so the server knows which food s/he is supposed to bring me. i sit down and look at my number, a six… or possibly a nine. it was unclear. i displayed it sideways, figuring that the server would be able to use context clues and give me my correct dish.

    i gave the server too much credit.

    after 15ish minutes, i returned to the sales counter, annoyed, and asked for my soup. they apologized, and gave me my dinner. it was cold.

  2. Bubs Says:

    Corner Bakery blows. Everything there is soggy.

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