Chipotle Carnitas Famine: Day 2

Went back round Chipotle again just to see if it hadn’t all been a bad dream. Sure nuff the sign were still up, NO CARNITAS just like the night before, but I hadn’t et Chipotle for nigh on three days by that time and Pa reckoned that there mightn’t be any carnitas for a long stretch. At least today there was enough chicken and steak to go round, or it seemed that way to me when I looked through the glass, but the feller serving me was mighty stingy with my half chicken half steak fajita bowl, kept shaking meat off the scoop as though he was pannin for gold in there. Even so I felt downright blessed by the Holy Sperit for what little I did get, cause if it turnt out that some of them chickens or cows was not being treated all humane-like before they get butchered up and chucked into my bowl, I mighta had to settle for them sofritas, which I don’t rightly know what that is. I asked Pa and he didn’t know either, then Grandpappy said he’d heard that sofritas were toe food, and we had to take the hooch away from Grandpappy again. But it’s lean times at the Chipotles and that’s the truth.


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