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November 11, 2008

if that IS your real name.

I see that you are part of the blogocracy. The bloggerment. The esblogishment. I know this because you are firing off letters to 7-year old bloggers. And that’s fine, I mean, I’m not the kind of guy to wonder why you are reading about second-rate Hoth dioramas that feature neither wampas nor tauntauns while GM and Ford stock are about to become the latest additions to the McDonald’s Dollar Menu. We all need a break from work. Me, I am always surfing for scuttlebutt on that dreamy Chace Crawford! What lucky lady is going to land him???

All I want to know is, why are you reading about an admittedly more thorough Lego Exo-Force diorama when THIS blogger has reached out to you on the still outstanding issue of the missing awesome blossom? You were clearly CCed on my letter to the chief asshat at Chili’s. And just because I didn’t actually send the letter, that’s no excuse. You’ve got people crawling all over the internets so don’t play it like you haven’t seen it.

If contributing a cool grand to a presidential campaign doesn’t get me the kind of juice to have you reinstate, by Executive Order (or simply because You will it), the Chili’s Awesome Blossom, then frankly I’m not sure I even want to be part of your new Marxist America. I don’t know what kind of insane fried-onion sculptures they have at Spiaggia, but the rest of us are on a budget, sir.


Oprah Winfrey

BTW if the kid reads this, the Hoth diorama is actually pretty badass and clearly I’m just jealous.


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June 10, 2008

i have 16 draft posts that i haven’t completed. some of them eventually may turn into something, but most of them are dead ends. they are presented herein, with minimal editing and no transitions. on a dvd, this would be called bonus material. here it’s just shit.

[post #1 – untitled]

A girl I talked to Friday night told me I’m a hater. I started to disagree with her but given that on Thursday I changed my facebook status to “Pete is a hater” I felt mildly insincere in my argument.

Let’s embrace it. Here’s some things that I’m hating on currently.

Bob Howry – [ed.: at this point i passed out while searching for pictures evidencing my claim that Howry looks like the guy who played Frank Nitti in the Untouchables]

[post #2 – untitled]

I am sort of obsessed with the “List of Demands” song (“I got a list of demands, written on the palms of my hands.”) which is in this Nike ad now. It’s not so much that I like the song — I guess it’s fine — it’s just that I am generally anti-Nike (for no good reason) and I’ve really gotten into the “i got a list of X, written on the [subpart] of my [thing that rhymes with X]” meme. Today while dealing with privilege logs at work, for example, it was “I got a list of privileged docs, written on the toes of my socks.” This is the sort of thing I do to provide me some fleeting amusement as I pass the grimly hollow moments of my life until the pallid green hand of Death pulls me into the abyss. (I was this close to titling this post “I got a list of complaints, written on the base of my taint,” but in light of the Gravitas Initiative I held back.)

  • “If it is not broke, don’t fix it” is a phrase that somebody needs to pass along to the sloped-foreheads at Coca-Cola. The Coke people have recently implemented a new cap on their 20 oz products. It is smaller and not as ridged as the old one. My clumsy fingers slip and slide all over the damn thing.

[post #3 – jobs i think i might be good at]

2. antipope

[post #4 – untitled]

gold card.

And just to balance the vibe a little, here’s something I don’t hate: an Aronson Furniture commercial from the 80s. Here is what you need to know about Aronson Furniture:
1. It is was the home of the credit connection.
2. It hasd the catchiest jingle this side of Rockenbach Chevrolet, which will probably be featured soon on this blog.
Aronson went tits-up a couple of years ago – perhaps Aronson’s subprime furniture loan crisis triggered our current economic woes? We may never know.

I think I heard the Aronson jingle for the first time in the late 80s, on my way back from a Cub Scout meeting with my dad. It was probably on WBBM Newsradio 78, during a Blackhawks broadcast (not really news radio, are you, you lying scum). It has been stuck in my head for about 20 years.

[post #5 – untitled cubs post]

Every year there are a number of Storylines when it comes to the Cubs. Here are this year’s Storylines:

1. The first storyline isn’t specific to this year. Every year the #1 storyline is that the Cubs have not won a World Series in X-1908, where X is the current year on the Gregorian calendar. This storyline is particularly poignant this year, when performing the X-1908 calculation yields the number of fingers that non-mutant, non-table-saw-abusing humans have, multiplied by the number of toes such humans have. (This does not apply in Ethiopia, where it is only 2000, and accordingly I am telling my parents that I am not going to be a pre-med anymore. Political science? What is this political science? I would be more proud of you if you was prostitute than if you were in politics*).

2. Another important storyline is the arrival of Kosuke Fukudome. The most fun part of this storyline will be attending a game in mid-August with a girl who figures out that Fukudome looks kind of like “Fuck you dome” or, if she is gunning for the Nobel prize in literature, “Fuck you, do me” and thus catching up with what every man in Chicago figured out last December.

* verbatim quote. Mom actually busted out the English for this one.

the blog post

May 19, 2008

When I was really swamped at work, I felt like I had scads of blog ideas. Maybe I still do, but with the weather getting nicer and more free time on my hands, blogging has slipped on my list of priorities. For example, this weekend, between cleaning my apartment, finally getting new glasses after I lost my old pair months ago, taking my parents to dinner at Naha, and buying lap dances for my ex-girlfriend at VIPs (did not really plan the last one but such is life), there wasn’t a lot of time for blogging.

One thing I wanted to do was take care of some meta-business and plug some other blogs.

  • First off, my friend Reedy has embarked on a beer-review blog called The Illiterate Drinker which I think has a lot of potential. The title derives from the fact that he admittedly has no idea how to write about beer yet, but if lines like “Such was this case with this chubby bottle. At first, the intricate lettering on the label drew me in, like a well-dressed, though slightly stout lady from across the bar. I picked it up and for a low price was able to take it home with me.” are any indication, this blog will go places.
  • Next up is a self-plug for a blog that is already basically dead. The idea was that the Chicago Cab Blog would consist of me live-blogging every trip I take in a cab. This arose due to a particularly wacky cab ride about a week ago where the cabbie was laughing uncontrollably the whole way due to my friend’s story about how he, a straight white male, ended up accidentally on a date with a man that ended with my friend repeatedly being called the N-word. Also at some point I apparently did a very good impression of the Virgin Mary, if she was from New Jersey. I have no idea why I did that, what that impression consisted of, and by what measure my friends considered it “good,” but that is neither here nor there.Unfortunately, as you’ll see, most cab rides are really fucking boring, and the fun ones are too fun to live-blog. So I think that blog is pretty much over, but at least it is amusing to see it die.
  • D-blogged is a male blogger in Chicago. Chicago blogs, at least those I’ve found on 20somethings and Chicago Bloggers, are absolutely dominated by women. There are a few other male Chicago bloggers I’ve come across but they are either niche blogs or just weird. I’d link to something specific from d-blogged but Google is currently accusing me of being a virus program or something and won’t allow me access to his site. FUCK YOU GOOGLE WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE SKYNET I WILL NOT LET YOU NUKE THE RUSSIANS.
  • Speaking of the legion of Chicago female bloggers, I have to admit that I regularly read some of their blogs, starting naturally with Damsel in Digress, who may or may not also have been at VIPs on Saturday. Even though I never really blog about relationships myself, I of course like reading about other people’s attempts at romance, including Big Time Fancy and Kayleigh at No Guts, No Glory (moar stories of exs plz Kayleigh kthxbai). Not to say that that’s all they blog about, but anyway, good stuff.
  • I also got a shout-out on You are flawed if you are not free which is not a blog I had really read previously. I happen to know that a sizable chunk of my readership LOVES MS Paint masterpieces and although I’ve now graduated to Photoshop, YAFIYANF will more than meet your needs for hilarious MS Paint artwork and so I recommend you check her out.

I have other blogs that have been visiting me that I am meaning to check out but my life is just one big backlog.