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July 20, 2009

Drudge and some knee-jerk inclined friends of mine are up in arms about re stimulus spending.

I don’t know why I’d dignify this with a response – Drudge is the king of just throwing up shit that *seems* like it might be an interesting story but is in fact just a bunch of crap that is way over the average Drudge reader’s head, apparently. The example cited to me was OMG $1.4 MILLION FOR A DOOR!!

That did seem suspicious. So instead of calling my folks and saying OMG $1.4 MILLION FOR A DOOR!! I figured I would spend 2 minutes googling the issue.

First step, the link on Drudge itself leads me to the site.


Hmm. Project Location: Dyess AFB. AFB means Air Force Base. I wonder if Air Force Bases have buildings with some sort of large, expensive door through which large, Air-Force-Related pieces of machinery might have to go .

Still $1.4 million seems like a lot. So why don’t we see if we can get some kind of cost breakdown from this link. Scroll down (use your mouse to move the square on the bar on the right, if you don’t know) and you see the following heading for “Transactions” with 2 separate IDs. If you hover over an ID you get descriptions as seen below:


Suddenly we see that the door is only $246K, not $1.4 million, and the balance is for replacing gas mains. Still, $246K is a lot for a squeaky hinge and we don’t have a confirmation of our suspicion that this might be for a hangar door. What if we in fact googled something like [dyess air force base building 5112]?

After a bunch of blogs already freaking the hell out about the Drudge posts, we find this:


Wow. $246K for a hangar door. And they went $7,000 over budget! I’ve never heard of such a thing from contractors, be it for government work or for remodeling my kitchen! I’d better tell all my friends about the government waste!

The lesson is that Drudge is a jerk, but if you fell for this, you’re an idiot. You play right into his hands by jumping to conclusions.