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do not be fooled for a second.

September 5, 2008

Do not let McCain convince you that he is trying to get away from the GOP establishment. His first opportunity to prove he wanted to bring change to Washington. Instead, he picked Sarah Palin, who is not a “pitbull in lipstick” so much as she is “George Bush in drag.” This is a candidate who:

  • supports a near total ban on abortions. Please note also that the GOP platform now officially seeks a constitutional amendment banning abortion. We’re not talking about overturning Roe v. Wade (something even McCain used to be opposed to) and making it a state-by-state issue. That means no abortions in Chicago and New York (where all the tastiest abortions are served in the finest restaurants) (what?).
  • would like to know how to go about banning books.
  • has no qualms about putting politics above qualifications within her administration. The librarian who resisted the book-banning was fired, as was a state trooper who was getting divorced from Palin’s sister.
  • sued the Bush administration for being too environmentally friendly. Say that last sentence a few times and try not to have a stroke.
  • is — after tens of thousands of human history, from Archimedes to Galileo to Newton to Einstein — not keen on science: not evolution, not global warming
  • supports things because they are God’s will: like oil pipelines and the Iraq war.
Putting aside the fact that she could get swept into power if McCain dies, putting aside the experience and other more lurid scandals, her choice shows that McCain either has no clue how to bring about change in DC, is unwilling to do so, or is susceptible to the pressure of the GOP in making his decisions. Enough.
I have donated more money to Obama since the Palin speech. I ask you to do the same.
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