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Top 10 Porn Titles of Beatles Songs

December 14, 2005

[Due to increased readership, I am implementing, starting with this post, a warning system, where I make a subjective judgment on the content of my post. Obscene posts will be marked with Mr. Yuck. I have chosen Mr. Yuck as the herald of obsecenity for two reasons; firstly, I have always liked Mr. Yuck, secondly, he fits with the color scheme.]

10. She Came All Over The Bathroom Window
9. We Can Whip It Out
8. You Never Give Me Your Money Shot
7. When I’m Sixty-Nine
6. I Should Have Blown Better
5. Any Hole At All
4. The Long and Winding Chode
3. You Know I Came (Look Up Your Nostril)
2. Magical Fistery Tour
1. The Continual Storming of Bill’s Bungahole

I did not come up with number 10 or number 9 (number 9) . I didn’t just think these up out of the blue. But now that I’ve put the work into it, I thought I would put it out there for the amusement of all, and the revulsion of some.

LATER: For your further enjoyment: Eight Gays a Week, Helter Felcher, Fist and Shout

And as the coup de grace, from their days in the Star Club in Hamburg: Komm Isst Dir Meine Scheisse.